Prattville Intermediate School Jr. Beta Club

Submit service hours at the following link:


  • This chapter of the Junior Beta Club will meet as needed. Prior notification will be sent home.
  • Members will be chosen from the fifth and sixth grades.
  • Membership eligibility will be checked at the end of each semester.
  • Students who were members in a Junior Beta Club at another school automatically transfer into this chapter.
  • The scholastic requirements will be no grade below an A for any subject during a semester.
  • The induction ceremony will be held during the month of February.
  • Members are encouraged to earn five service hours per semester.
  • Registration fees include a local fee ($5) and National Beta Club fee ($15).

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Officers:

  • President:  Kei'Yana M.
  • Vice-President: Annabelle A.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Alexander S.
  • Co-Chaplains: Leah S. & Addison C.
Jr. Beta Club

Jessica Owens
6th Grade 

Mandi Suggs
6th Grade


Katie Ball

5th Grade


Shelby Kelly

5th Grade